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Hi, I’m Marissa!

My love of cooking began when I lived in Rome in 2015, and quickly grew from there when I returned to the states. I always swore that I hated baking, but when the covid-19 pandemic hit, my opinions on that quickly changed. I am an avid homebaker, and I especially love making sourdough and other breads. I am a self taught cook and baker, as well as food photographer and stylist. I love all things that grow, and try to express my love for the natural world through my photography style.

On this blog you will find elevated recipes designed for the home cook. I think that food is one of the most important ways we can connect with our loved ones, and my goal is to provide recipes that are worth sharing with your family and friends. I aim to teach confidence in cooking and baking, and to share approachable and delicious recipes with you all.

I am so excited to begin this journey with you!

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My favorite photography equipment

Finding the right camera and photography equipment can be daunting, and a bit of a learning process. There’s a misconception that everything that you use needs to be super expensive and top tier. This isn’t true at all! There are a few things that I am going to cover that I recommend splurging on, but…

Welcome to Marissa Makes

I was born in Berkeley, California, the city that sits across the Bay facing San Francisco. Both of my parents have a background in food– they met working in the kitchens of the Berkeley Ashram, a type of spiritual center. My dad always referred to himself as a “short order chef” because he got so…

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