• miso caramel sweet potato pie styled with autumn leaves and pumpkins

    Miso Caramel Sweet Potato Pie

    November 21, 2023marissajmakes

    As someone who didn’t grow up eating a lot of sweet potato pie, I’ve always found it to be a bit too sweet. I love sweet potatoes, and I love spices, but I’ve always struggled to find a sweet potato pie that isn’t toothachingly sweet. This miso caramel sweet potato pie is perfectly balanced. It relies…

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  • An apple tart styled with slices of apples as coarse sugar is being sprinkled on top

    Simple Apple Pie Tart

    November 21, 2023marissajmakes

    Pie season is my favorite season. I just love using fall fruits and produce to make cozy treats. This simple apple pie tart recipe uses apples in two ways: in the traditional apple pie filling, and on top, for a beautiful visual effect and delicious contrast in textures. And the best part? This tart is incredibly simple…

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  • a flatlay photo of a peach cobbler, styled in a large white pie dish and surrounded by zinnias and peaches

    Classic Peach Cobbler

    August 9, 2023marissajmakes

    Late summertime is when my diet becomes 90% peaches. My favorite peach variety is O’ Henry: these freestone peaches are big, beautiful, flavorful, and perfect for a classic peach cobbler. I love making cobbler because it’s a simple but delicious dessert, and it’s a wonderful way to use up the abundance of wonderful stone fruit that…

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  • A passion fruit curd tart styled with passion fruit, seasonal flowers, and citrus curls

    Passion Fruit Curd Tart with Shortbread Crust

    January 20, 2023marissajmakes

    While we often associate winter with bitter cold and long nights, I always like to associate it with citrus season, and peak passion fruit season. Passion fruit is such a fun and odd fruit, with a leathery exterior, and a juicy, tropical, and very acidic interior. If you’re a fan of lemony flavor, you’ll love passion…

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  • A pear and pecan pie styled with fresh pears, pumpkins, and autumn leaves

    Pear and Pecan Pie with Salted Caramel Sauce

    October 30, 2022marissajmakes

    I love pie. I love making it, I love eating it, and I love sharing it. This pie is a celebration of fall harvest and flavors. The filling is comprised of a pecan layer, and a simple spiced pear filling that is both refreshing and comforting. And the best part? The salted caramel topping sauce, of…

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