Small Bites & Sides

  • focaccia topped with apples, crispy sage, and hot honey, styled with apples and sage in a fall themed setting.

    This easy autumn focaccia with apples, sage, and hot honey is the perfect way to start getting confident in baking bread. It’s a seasonal riff on my easy olive and lemon focaccia. It only takes about 20 minutes of hands on time (with NO kneading!) to make, is very forgiving, and most of all, it’s incredibly…

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  • three chicken salad sandwiches styled in a loaf tin, surrounded by grapes, tarragon, and extra slices of bread.

    I love a good sandwich, particularly ones that are easy to put together, but are big on flavor. This chicken salad with grapes and tarragon makes a fantastic sandwich filling (or can just be enjoyed on its own). It uses a mix of Greek yogurt and Mayo to make it a bit lighter and healthier, and…

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  • Skillet cornbread styled with tomatoes, peppers, and tomato pepper jam

    Every summer I’m absolutely entranced by all the colors of tomatoes and peppers that pop up at the markets. Here in Los Angeles, we’re lucky that nightshade season bleeds well into Autumn, so we can enjoy these beauties for some extra time during the year. This skillet cornbread with tomato pepper jam recipe is a celebration…

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  • Dill pickles and pickled peppers in a jar, styled with cucumbers and peppers in the process of being sliced for pickling

    Everyone has that friend that always wants the leftover pickle that their non-pickle loving friends discard when eating out. It’s me, I’m the pickle friend. I’ve always loved pickles since I was a kid. I’ve always been enamored with the salty, briny flavor, and would often get the huge 99¢ pickles from the big jar at…

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  • A log of homemade butter flavored with chive blossoms

    When I was in grade school, I remember one of the activities they’d have us do to keep our little hands busy would be to make homemade butter by shaking a mason jar with a marble inside. I don’t know if it’s because we didn’t separate the butter from the buttermilk properly, didn’t season the butter,…

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